Inherited Wealth

by George T. Clarke on

Despite our dreams, we are unlikely to win a big lottery and only a relatively small group will cash in on the sale of a business, but we are in the midst of the largest wealth transfer in history as many baby boomers will receive inheritances from their hard working, successful and savings...

What is Veterans Day to You?

by Chrissy McCormack on

Veterans Day and Memorial Day have always been very important in my family.  Veterans Day was always very important because my father was a Navy Veteran and he was ALIVE to celebrate.  Veteran’s Day at our home was as important as Thanksgiving.  That is what we were, thankful that my father had made...

Conducting a Periodic Review of Your Estate Plan

by George T. Clarke on

Many, if not most of us, have an estate plan filed away right next to the fancy insurance policy binders. Check that task off, right? Wrong, some of these estate plans are years old. With your estate plan successfully implemented, one final but critical step remains: carrying out a periodic review...

Wait, It Has Been How Long!?

by Rick Ropelewski on

We all have had the personal experience or know someone who said, “I can’t believe we have been in this job for x number of years.” Between my last year in the Air Force and graduate school I moved seven times in three years. So I did not think I would ever be one of those people to utter that...

The Importance of Having Goals

by George T. Clarke on

Goals have been on my mind lately:  fitness goals, personal goals, and goals our clients have.  Let me start with a number --  500,062 popped up on my online rowing Log Book recently and I was immediately reminded of a goal I set a couple of years ago.  That goal was to reach 1 million meters of...

Comprehensive Financial Planning - Just What Is It?

by The Clarke Group on
In this video George addresses what financial planning means to people. While investments and portfolio management are core components of a financial plan, comprehensive planning is much more.