Wait, It Has Been How Long!?

Rick Ropelewski |

We all have had the personal experience or know someone who said, “I can’t believe we have been in this job for x number of years.” Between my last year in the Air Force and graduate school I moved seven times in three years. So I did not think I would ever be one of those people to utter that phrase. However, it’s amazing what a difference a few years (okay maybe more than a few) make.

I just celebrated an anniversary that kind of caught me by surprise, my ten years at U.S. Wealth Management. While my experience at another firm set the foundation for my career and practice, the last ten years have been tremendous. I attribute that to several factors. First and foremost is the opportunity to work with wonderful clients. I greatly appreciate your trust and confidence and working with you is the best part of my day. I consider myself very fortunate to do work that I love with people I truly enjoy helping.

I also have the opportunity to collaborate on a daily basis with some excellent advisors. There are approximately 25 advisors throughout the country who are affiliated with U.S. Wealth Management, with nine of those advisors located here at the Braintree headquarters for USWM. We all share a similar vision of providing holistic financial planning and wealth management services. George, Tom, Chrissy or I will occasionally come across an issue or topic with which we don’t have a great deal of experience, and it is invaluable having access to these other advisors. Not only are they excellent at what they do, we have the benefit of working with some very fun people. The last, but certainly not least factor is the other members of our team, George, Tom and Chrissy. I consider my job to be primarily staying out of the way and letting them get the work done. I occasionally come up with a good suggestion or idea, but they complete the critical day-to-day activities allowing us to help you. So thank you again for a wonderful 10 years and I very much look forward to seeing what the next ten years will bring!