What We Do and Why

The Clarke Group at US Wealth Management helps individuals, families, and business owners plan for and deal with financial aspects of major life transitions such as retirement, or sale of business, death of a loved one, divorce, inheritance, and legal settlements so they may continue to live their individual life of significance.

George Clarke's Story

When I first became a Financial Advisor of US Wealth Management, I knew that most Advisors from competing firms focused only on helping people invest their retirement savings, with little attention paid to their clients’ individual circumstances, such as their family situations, their goals, their experiences or even their fears. That is not how I wish to help people.

Consider differing needs of hypothetical people under differing circumstances, like a young mother not involved in the family finances prior to her husband's unexpected passing and those of a highly successful business owner nearing retirement, or sale of her business.  In my experience the young widow may be worried she’ll need to sell the house and go back to work full-time, while leaving her children with day care providers.  And the successful business owner will have a different set of concerns like enhancing her wealth through tax mitigation; protecting her wealth from unintended diversion, litigation or catastrophic loss; establishing or updating estate plans to ensure the efficient transfer of wealth to those whom she desires; and learning of ways to increase the impact of charitable giving intentions.  While the needs of individuals and families are vastly different, many Advisors are equipped, or choose, to provide only static investment advice.  Their clients are not being well served!

We seek to provide comprehensive Wealth Management to people for whom we can potentially make a major impact.  We go beyond investment advice to guide those individuals, families, and business owners on how to prepare for and address significant transitional life events and concerns in their lives.  Our advanced financial planning recommendations both complement and shape our investment management recommendations.  We literally become our client’s financial head coach coordinating the subject matter expert advice from their accountants, insurance providers, attorneys, and other professionals.  Our goal is to guide and assist each client to live their individual lives of significance!

  • Advanced Financial Planning addresses...

    Wealth Enhancement, Intergenerational Wealth Transfer, Wealth Protection and Charitable Giving.


  • Investment Consulting encompasses...

    Portfolio Management, Performance Analysis, Risk Evaluation, Asset Allocation plus Investment Cost and Tax Treatment.


  • Relationship Management Considers...

    Your preferences in managing your finances and our coordinating with subject matter experts like your accountants and attorneys.


The Clarke Group Wealth Management Process

New Client Discovery Journey and Personal Life Profile

We begin each new client engagement with our Discovery Meeting, which informs us about your unique values, goals, relationships and interests.  From your answers to our in-depth interview questions we create and share with you a resulting Personal Life Profile.  This easy to follow depiction of what's important to you puts us in the best position to make the on-target wealth management recommendations you need.

Personal Life Profile Sample

Advanced Planning, Implementation and Follow-up

Once we have completed our deep-dive Discovery and provided you the Personal Life Profile, we will provide you with Advanced Planning recommendations to address your unique concerns, such as preserving wealth, mitigating taxes, taking care of heirs, ensuring your assets are not unjustly taken and maximizing the impact of your charitable goals.

We then work with you to prioritize and implement the recommendations and will schedule regular progress and situational update meetings.

Second Opinion Service for Those You Care About  

We also wish to provide clients, friends, family and associates of our valued clients an opportunity to gain comfort that they are also making good decisions about their financial futures in these uncertain economic times.  So we offer our Discovery Meeting, Personal Life Profile and Initial Findings as a second opinion on the financial advice they presently receive.

Details on this complimentary service can be found in our Second-opinion Service Brochure.  

Collaboration and Succession

Wealth Manager

George brings extensive domestic and international experience in the financial services industry to U.S. Wealth...


The Clarke Group at U.S. Wealth Management offers investment advice through Great Valley Advisor Group (GVA), a Registered Investment Advisor.  We are situated in the GVA Braintree, Massachusetts office, which facilitates our localized professional collaboration and succession planning arrangements with other U.S. Wealth Management and GVA-affiliated Advisors.  Great Valley Advisor Group and U.S. Wealth Management are separate entities.

As fiduciaries we have met rigorous education, training and ethical standards.  You can be confident that we are obligated and committed to serving your best interests at all times.


As you may know the SECURE Act was signed into law on December 20, 2019. This landmark piece of retirement legislation could impact some decisions about retirement savings strategy. The one page summary highlights the 10 Key Provisions of the SECURE Act as well as some additional information regarding the specific provisions in the Detailed Summary but if you have any questions about this law please feel free to contact me at gclarke@uswealthmanagement.com or 781-884-2345.
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