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Asset Protection

Insurance is essential to any comprehensive financial plan.  If tragic events like death, disability or critical illness strike, insurance can protect you and your family from hardship.


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Capture your risk tolerance and see if your portfolio fits you.


Estate Planning Guidance  

We can provide guidance on intergenerational planning and the transfer of assets and/or collaborate with your existing Estate Planning professional to minimize the possibility of something falling through the cracks.

Meet Our Team

Wealth Manager

George brings extensive domestic and international experience in the financial services industry to U.S. Wealth...

Wealth Manager

Rick focuses on developing comprehensive financial plans for successful individuals, families, professionals and...

Wealth Manager Assistant

Tom joined U.S. Wealth Management in 2011. He works as a Wealth Manager Assistant, assisting Rick Ropelewski, CFP® with...

Director of Financial Planning

Alan has over 30 years in commercial and consumer lending, mortgage banking, and financial and accounting services. Alan...

Director of Investment Strategy

Tom has been dedicated to serving clients in the financial service profession for the past 35 years. His experience...

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George T. Clarke |
I was recently sitting in the baggage claim of Boston's Logan Airport waiting for my son’s plane to arrive from Denver when a simple airport rendezvous turned into an unexpected rescue mission of sorts. While I was waiting, an elderly woman approached asking if she could borrow a phone to call her son who was late picking her up. Over the course of the next hour I would learn that it wasn't that simple. Her...
Chrissy McCormack |
Memorial Day: A day when the United States mourns those members who died in active military service. How do you honor the men and women of our country who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom? Well, if you live in Cohasset, you have three days of events honoring and memorializing those who gave their lives for our country with those that were fortunate enough to come home. Cohasset is a small town on the...
No, I’m not talking about Disney World; but rather the Natick Outdoor Store; a sporting goods store outside Boston. My son is building a canoe as part of a high school project, for which he is thrilled as he loves to fish. For our household the challenge of owning a canoe is the minor detail of how to get this water craft home and transport it to local bodies of water. We are not buying...