The Lower the Latitude, the Better the Attitude

Well folks, I am back after an 8-day annual vacation to Cancun, Mexico with my loved ones.  We came home to a nasty windstorm and then a snowstorm the following day.  I still ask myself why we live here, but it always comes back to my roots.  This is where my roots are and this is why I take such advantage of our time in the sun, sand and water.

So we had a great vacation.  The weather was as perfect as it could get.  We have learned a lot in the 10 years of going to the same resort.  We now have these “local” friends we call and they become our “tour guides” for the week.

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What is Veterans Day to You?

Veterans Day and Memorial Day have always been very important in my family.  Veterans Day was always very important because my father was a Navy Veteran and he was ALIVE to celebrate.  Veteran’s Day at our home was as important as Thanksgiving.  That is what we were, thankful that my father had made it through his 4 years and several tour of duties home safely.  I have lots of family members from grandparents, to parents, to nieces and nephews who have chosen the military life.

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